AirVision CORE X1

High-performance computing platform for real-time computer vision and navigation.

On-board supercomputer

- NVIDIA Jetson TX1 based computer
- 4 CPU-core, 64-bit ARM® CPU (4x A57 2MB L2)
- Maxwell 256-core GPU
- 1024 GFLOPS processing power
- 10W max energy consumption (1W idle)
- Credit card size (50x87mm)

Rugged design

- All ruggedized latching connectors
-20 /- +85 temp. range

Hardware interfaces and sensors

- SD-card, 2x USB3, 2x USB2, 3x UART, HDMI, 8x GPIO, miniPCIe, CSI. I2C, CAN BUS.
- 3D accelerometer, 3D gyro, 3D compass, barometer.

High-performance video processing

- hardware 4K video encoding/decoding (X264 / X265 / VP9)

Extensive image processing pipeline

Video enhancement (contrast / color / noise reduction), metadata with video stream, video stabilization.

- extendible functionality via own or 3rd party software. Supported framewoks: ROS, DDS, OpenCV, CUDA.

ArcGIS Full Motion Video integration

  • AirVision CORE enables real-time display of UAV camera on the map using ArcGIS sofitware .
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