Hurricanes or just nasty weather might deprive you of normal existence because of lack of electricity. It won’t be a problem anymore. Pulsar is a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer of long-lasting generators. There are various sizes to meet every client’s demands. You might take it with and spend a nice weekend outside or go on performing your job thanks to its peerless functioning. The peak capacity of a tool ranges from 1200 to 10 thousand watts. You could use the generator from Pulsar to power your devices at home, workplace and just outside at camping, boat fishing, party, and other outdoor activities.

Just imagine what might happen in case your alarm system is not able to report about penetration? Would a surgeon manage to save a patient’s life in case of a power cut and without a generator? Could you finish your assignment in case of low battery alert on your laptop? You might feel safer using a powerful generator and don’t depend on electricity malfunction. Your devices won’t get hurt as well. So, you might both go on using things you like and save money of their repair provided by a power cut.

Different Generator Sizes. General Overview of All Options

4000 Watt Pulsar Generator

PG400iSR is a removable gasoline inverter that can function up to fifteen hours. This engine-driven generator might become a perfect supplier of electrical power to your fittings, accessories, illumination, and various tools which might be used in camping. It is also produced to back up the power you might need in case of a power cut. It comes with a rated capacity of 3500 watts and maximum capacity of 4000 watts. It’s equipped with USB and cigarette outlets. You might charge your tablet, laptop, MP3, mobile phone, Digital Camera, and GPS. By the way, the generator has wheels and comfortable telescoping handle which make it move easily and change its location when necessary. It weighs 42 kilograms (92.6 lbs). There are also fuel indicator lights which help to see whether it’s time to add the required amount of oil to the crankcase. A 12 Volt battery can be also charged with this device. You might enable it using the remote start, electric push start or recoil start. It produces only 63 dB. So, you might not hear its working in the 10-feet distance. Using a cable you might join two 4000W generators to produce more energy.

1200 Watt Pulsar Generator

PG1202S is a portable 2 cycle and air-cooled inverter. It might supply your house tools or those used at hunting, tailgate party, fishing or camping. If you like fishing on a boat, this generator would meet your needs as well. Its rated capacity is 850 watts and peak capacity is 1200 watts. Pulsar 1200 watt generator contains implemented outlets: 12V and 120V. The generator can run approximately 510 minutes. Recoil start is used to enable the tool. It works quietly and is rather easy (39.68 lbs). It has also a handle so that you could carry it to its destination. The required fuel: gasoline and stroke oil (one to two).

3250 Watt Pulsar Generator

PG3250 is a portable inverter working due to the four-gallon gas tank. It could provide everyone with twelve hours of the excellent power supply. It comprises a single cylinder and an engine type 7 HP. You might safely use it outdoors and at your job. Its peak capacity is 3250 watts and its running capacity is 2500 watts. It is enabled with recoil start. There are two outlets for charging options.

3500 Watt Pulsar Generator

Pulsar generator 3500 is powerful and could be transported due to the Mobility Kit. It is compact so you might take it to any place you need. It’s equipped with the frame which is of high-quality and lets the inverter work half a day outside and in the office without any trouble. The charging tool comes with running watts of 3000 and starting watts of 3500. You could get a mobile kit and forget about problematic transportation of the device.

4500 Watt Pulsar Generator

Portable generator PG4500 could become a perfect choice for you in case you want to have 15 hours of premium electricity supply. Its running capacity is 3500 watts and starting capacity is 4500 watts. There are 2 outlets measured 240V and 120V. You might find there a twist lock as well. There is Recoil Start. This portable inverter ideally fits recreation (hunting, fishing, etc.) and working (offices, additional power supply, etc.) demands. It might be used as a heavy-duty generator as well. It’s not loud so you might not worry that it would disturb you.

5250 Watt Pulsar Generator

If you need a powerful generator that can supply you with enough electricity at your camping activity or just at your job in case of a power cut, you should get PG 5250B. Its peak capacity depends on the preferred fuel. If you prefer gas, then it will be 5250 watts (the rated one will be 4250w) and if you choose propane then it will be 4750 watts (the rated one will be 3850w). The manufacturer promises 12 hours of unequaled performance at half-load. The advantage of this generator is its ability to work on both liquid propane and gasoline. So, if there is no liquid propane at a hand, you might substitute it with gasoline. The weight of the device doesn’t matter because you could carry it using the adjusted mobile kit and convenient handle. There are three outlets (30 APM RV, 120-240 V with twist function and 120V) for your charging needs. By the way, you might switch from gasoline 4-gallon tank to propane 20-pound tank even when the generator is working.

6000 Watt Pulsar Generator

PG600 generator has Recoil Start, Automatic Voltage Regulation, and Low Fuel Indicator allowing a person secure and comfortable usage. The inverter has implemented wheels which can roll on any surface and a handle for convenient transportation. The generator has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank with a running capacity of 5000 watts and starting capacity of 6000 watts. You might charge your devices due to a variety of implemented outlets. The inverter is promised to power your devices up to fifteen hours using only gas.

7500 Watt Pulsar Generator

PG 7500 with available Recoil Start could provide you with thirteen hours of incomparable power. It’s equipped with a single tank that must be filled with gas. Its peak capacity is 7500 watts and running one is 6000 watts. It can perform heavy duties both inside and outside. So, you might use it as a backup device at your office, apartments and when having camping or a party outside. You might not worry about discharged mobile phone or laptop. The generator has 3 outlets for devices with different staring watt demands.

7750 Watt Pulsar Generator

PG7750 might become an excellent choice for those who prefer switch-and-go technologies. The generator can function due to either gas or liquid propane. The peak capacity also depends on the used fuel. Gas gives 7750 watts and LPG gives 7500 watts. Running watts also differ (6000 watts on LPG and 6250 watts on gas). If you fill the inverter with gasoline, it is promised to charge and power your devices at least 13 hours. Wheels and adjustable handle let you carry the generator to the required place quickly and easily.

10000 Watt Pulsar Generator

PG10000 is the most potent generator manufactured by Pulsar Inc. It is a portable device with a peak capacity of 10000 watts and running capacity of 8000 watts. It’s a universal generator which might supply your devices with pure and superb power. It needs gas only (8 gallons). You might use it half-loaded for twelve hours. 120V, 50AMP, 120V/240V (twist-lock), 12V, and 30AMP are available to meet your charging needs. You might easily carry it thanks to adjusted wheels and a comfortable-to-use handle.

What Power Do You Need? Field of Application

As you might have already noticed, there are many various sizes of generators. What kind to choose? First of all, you should take into consideration the field of its application.

Living Place

If you want to remain your apartments 24/7 lit, you should sit and innumerate all electrical devices you have including a boiler, water pump, heating system, each bulb, computer, microwave, refrigerator, cooking stove, etc. The manual guide for each device might help you do that quickly. You might find it on the Internet if you don’t have its printed copy. Then you should calculate the total sum of energy you might require. Small apartments usually need a generator that can give at least 3500 watts. Bigger residential places need more powerful inverters (7500-10000w).


If you decide to purchase a power supplier, you should make a list of each industrial tool which is or can be used at your workplace. Starting watts are to be considered because they make the device do its job. If the generator is too weak, it won’t be able to charge them.

Having a Rest

You might enjoy all recreation trips together with Pulsar generators. You should not refuse from favorite toast or a movie because of inability to switch on a coffee top or charge the tablet or laptop. The portable supplier of electricity could give you the required amount of energy. Just don’t forget to take the demanded gallons of fuel with to let it please you with things that would make your rest better. Customers often say that generators with minimum fuel demand perfectly fit recreational needs like Pulsar 1200w generator. It is compact, easy-to-use and doesn’t need mobile kits which might take additional space in a car or on a boat.


The table below manifests general overview of 2 more sizes of Pulsar generators.

2200 Watt Pulsar Generator

(PG 2200)

2000 Watt Pulsar Generator

(Pulsar 2000 watt generator)

Tech Specs Running Capacity: 1600w

Rated Capacity: 2200w

Running Capacity: 1600w

Starting Capacity: 2000w

Features Low Oil Shutdown, AVR, Powerful Powder Coated Frame to withstand the stresses of demanding use,  one cylinder, Recoil Start, indicators manifesting oil and gas level Digital inverter generator, AVR, Low Oil Shut-Off, Recoil Start, Sine Wave Technology, one cylinder Light warning about oil level, Overload Indicator Light, Recoil Starter, Economy Switch
Connection Capability Parallel Parallel
Runtime 12 hours 6 hours
Maintenance The generator needs checking for any reason which may affect the safety of its usage (loose screws, level of gas, disabled parts, binded & misaligned moving parts, defective electrical wiring) before each application. Debris is to be taken away with the help of vacuum or soft brush. Engine oil is to be replaced in 50 hours of use. The engine needs qualified checking in 300 hours of employment. Oil Change – in 300 min

Cleaning debris  and Checking of Oil Level – in 480 min

Air Filter Cleaning, Engine oil change, checking and/or replacement of Muffler Screen, Spark Plug Service and Spark Arrester inspect – in half a year or 100-hour-use

Fuel Filter cleaning and/or replacement, check and/or replacement of Crankcase Breather Hose, check of fittings, fasteners, valve clearance, de-carbonize cylinder head – in a year or 300-hour use

Types of Fuel Gas (1.6 Gallons) 1.18 Gallons of Gasoline
Outlet 120V & 12V 120V/13A, 5V DC/1.5A, USB, 12V DC/8A

Accessory for Generator

After some time of active usage, a generator needs checking. Nobody wants to throw the charger away in case of its details malfunction. That’s why the company produces a number of accessories and details for replacement. You might get wheels, adapter kits, covers for the generator, air filters, kits for an oil change, tires, and a number of other accessories. You might get them at a technical store or some online shop.

Benefits and Disadvantages. Comparison with Other Brands

You might see the comparison of two Pulsar generator sizes with other world-famous brands. You could contrast their pros and cons in the tables below.

Comparison of Pulsar Diesel 5000 Watt Generator with World-Famous Brand of Alike Wattage

Pulsar 5000W

(PG 7000D)

EMAR-289-AP A-iPower 5000 watt Gas generator  
Price Initial $1999 Initial $462
Noisiness 70 dB 68dB
Size and Weight 353 lbs, 38×32.5×22 130 pounds, 23,25 x17x18.5
Quality 2.3 stars regarding reviews 3 stars regarding reviews
Value Quiet, long-lasting, 9.5 hours of work 9 hours of work, light, quiet, cheap

Comparing Pulsar 3250 Watt Generator with World-Famous Brand of Alike Wattage

Pulsar 2350W

Gas Generator

Champion 3100-Watt Generator  
Price starting $284 starting $1099
Noisiness 60 dB 58dB
Size and Weight 97 lbs, 24x19x18 inches 95 pounds, 24.4 x14.3 x18.3 inches
Quality 4 stars regarding reviews 4.5 stars regarding reviews
Value Quiet, durable, and light, 12 hours of work, cheap 8 hours, light, quiet

Customer Reviews

Many people often pick up a generator depending on some Pulsar generator review. You don’t have to look for them on another website because we have collected the TOP 5 of them just right here. Read them to decide whether Pulsar generator is worthy of your attention or not.

1200-Watt Gas Generator

“I purchased 1200-watt inverter generator because its size and weight fitted my requirements. It has a solid construction. In addition, there are 2 outlets where I can charge my smartphone and laptop. The manufacturer promised that the generator would give 900 watts of running capacity. Actually, it’s 800 watts. I think the company together with online shops should correct mistakes in description. Personally, I can give 3 stars to this product.”

2000 – Watt Gas Generator

“I purchased that 2000w generator on Internet shop. I was going to have a party near my swimming pool. Unfortunately, the rain started and we had to interrupt the tailgate. I forgot to take the generator with. I was afraid to find it wet and malfunctioning. BUT I didn’t notice any problem. The illumination was still on. It is really well-composed. It worked for 10 hours. I do really recommend this gas generator.”

3500 – Watt Gas Generator

“I bought that generator three years ago. I didn’t use it at the office but it perfectly served as a power source at camping and hunting. The generator worked out those promised 10-12 hours. Two days ago I started having problems with its starting but the manual instruction “had warned me” about a possible malfunction in three-year usage. I had turned to the service and they changed filters and some other details. Now everything functions. The only disadvantage is that now it starts working in 5 minutes after the onset. I like this generator. Everything I need is to pay attention to in-time oil change and debris cleaning.”

6000 – Watt Gas Generator

“We use this generator and we have no reason for complaint. It’s a great backup device. It charges our mobiles, chest freezer, huge refrigerator, microwave, fan, laptops, and the alarm system. We feel secure round-the-clock. By the way, we store the fuel in our basement to charge it when necessary. The main thing is not to forget about warnings and on-time oil replacement. So, zero regrets! 5 stars performance.”

10000 – Watt Gas Generator

“I like to live conveniently that’s why I bought the most powerful version. I charged it with oil and gas to check its work immediately. The manual instruction is easy-to-follow, by the way. The gen runs the whole house without any problem. My bunch of lights, fridge, various digital devices, and furnace function properly. The only disadvantage was that the wheels and the handle hadn’t been installed. The manual guide also didn’t help. It would be nice to give at least some instructions concerning their installing. Still, the generator is good and the price is reasonable.”

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